Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Cat is River's favorite word. I would estimate that she says it at least 40 times a day. It took me a while to realize (and I'm a little embarrassed to say so) that "cat" has different meaning.  Now, every time she says "cat," I no longer follow with the default, "that's not a cat, silly!"They're hard to explain without demonstration, but I'll do my best.

1. cat - This use of cat is for things River knows are living breathing entities, but she's not quite sure what they are.  cat usually refers to children, birds, large dogs, and other things that roam close to the ground.  I say large dogs, because River knows the word dog, but I guess because she is only ever around small dogs, the larger more aloof kind is clearly a different animal.

2. caaaat (with a soft t) - I refrain from putting a question mark on this because she barely puts that upwards pitch on the end.  caaaat means "what is that?" Sometimes, she'll actually say "dat," but it usually comes out the first way.  This word is accompanied by a point of the finger.

3.CAT! - Lastly, is the proper use of the word.  This is pronounced with crystal clear confidence and a big ass smile that'll melt your heart.  We have two cats, both grey.  River has just started showing interest in chasing them around.  They don't quite hide, but they lurk in the shadows trying to maneuver from one room to the next without being spotted by that demon thing that just won't leave.  When they venture into the middle of the room, River, being the polite little girl she is, talks to the cats (she even bends down to get closer to their faces) and shares her toys with her.  Obviously, the cats don't appreciate her generosity, so they scurry away.

Other words:
  • Mama (which she only says with the sign for "eat" cause that's all I am to her; a meal ticket)
  • Hi! (second favorite word
  • Dada
  • Gig-gig (this is my mom's dog Fizzgig)
  • Bu-bub (bubble bath)
  • Yeah
  • Dog
  • Hot

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend in Kentucky

River and I took a road trip up to Crestwood, Kentucky to visit my best friend, Staci.  Staci is moving to San Fransisco this month, so this was my last chance to see her for quite some time!  We left on Thursday with plenty of snacks and River's portable DVD played rigged up with tie line.  (I haven't bought a mount for it yet).    We only needed two stops for the drive which I thought was pretty remarkable for my tiny toddler.  We got to Crestwood that evening and and had yummy pancakes. :)

Most of the trip was spent window shopping (on my part) and watching TV.  Staci's mom was kind enough to watch River so we could shop, and twice at that! Woo!  We watched Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory, which I hadn't seen and Staci had, and Season 1 of New Girl, which Staci hadn't seen and I had.  I can't believe I haven't watch Big Bang Theory before.  It's very fun!  And New Girl is so well written that I could watch it again and again.

Staci's parents are vegan, so there were lots of yummy things for me to eat.  They made buckwheat pancakes and they exceeded my expectations.  My expectations were that it would be disgusting, and it was pretty good.  It would have been delicious with some sliced peaches on top.  Yummmm.

That's the trip in a nutshell. We spent a lot of time on the porch swing because River loves swinging on the porch.  It was quite relaxing.  The trip was relaxing until I locked myself out of the house and River and my phone in it.  WHAT?  Yes, I did that.  Tuesday morning, everyone had already left for work, so we had the house to ourselves.  Staci left me a garage door opener so I could just leave through there.  I put River in her high chair and gave her some banana, kiwi and strawberries to eat while I packed up the car.  Apparently, I locked the door thinking I was unlocking it, so when I came back for my second trip, I couldn't get in.  I was surprisingly calm.  I ran up the back porch steps to check on River; happy as a clam eating her fruit.  I looked under every rock, pot and welcome mat for a luck.  I ran around to neighbors' houses until I found someone home.  I ended up having to call 911 since no one had the Sisk's phone numbers and I didn't have them memorized.  I ran back up the porch steps and tried to play peek-a-boo with my toddler, who at this point has eaten all her banana and most of the strawberry, and can't be bothered with a silly game at a time like this!  If only I cut up five bananas for her to eat!  Once I had nothing else I could do, the panic started setting in, and I teared up a little.  It took 20 minutes for the fire department to show up, and they took the hinges off the door.  Once I picked up River, she calmed down, but only wanted to be held for the next 30 minutes.  All things considered- it could have been a lot worse.  River could have been running around with the baby gate open and fallen down the stairs.  Oy.  I really lucked out on that one. 

Then we drove home, which took way too long.  And I stepped in gum.